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Striper, Trout, Smallmouth, and Musky, guide trips in the Nashville area. Our home waters are Cumberland and Caney Fork River and our specialty is fly fishing for Trout and Stripers.

~Our tradition is that of the first man who sneaked away to the creek when the tribe did not really need fish~

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Centerhill Lake / Re: Center Hill Walleye
« Last post by TFTN Admin on February 18, 2018, 08:26:58 PM »
Good lord those are some fat eyes! I'm about to start poking at them soon too...
Sounds good Brady. Looking forward to it!
Centerhill Lake / Center Hill Walleye
« Last post by dbradyh on February 17, 2018, 05:46:15 PM »
Circa 1955....All this rain has got me fishing online. Found these images at the Tennessee State Library and Archives and the folks are from Sparta and Spencer.
Headwaters of Center Hill.

This was a 21.5 lb fish that was a world record before it was broken by a fish from Old Hickory a few years later.

A bonus shot of a nice stringer of bass.

We are planning on heading out that way soon and will give you a heads up.
The aquarium in Chattanooga has started to raise them. The Northern studfish is related to them and are in most of the creeks around Nashville.
Preist Lake / Re: Should be a great year for Crappie in Priest!
« Last post by Steve Howard on February 15, 2018, 09:07:08 AM »

But more than 200,000 gallons were vacuumed up before making it to the creek.

They should really say, an these asshats don't know what they cleaned up.
Man it would be fun slingshotting a cheap rig up under the docks.  An underspin Pfleuger with the trigger would be awesome for that on a cheap Shakespeare floppy rod.  On your shellcracker, I can't say enough about a shwapf with a fuzzy lighter colored thorax wrapped forward in black with big ole black wings and bead chain eyes.  Period.  You're in business all day. 
Preist Lake / Re: Should be a great year for Crappie in Priest!
« Last post by jladdsmith on February 14, 2018, 09:14:18 PM »
Browntown white flaky meat. 
That is one good looking minnow.  If they are so endangered, and special, why not just breed them?  Take some of that Kayak money and just make new ones? 
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