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Striper, Trout, Smallmouth, and Musky, guide trips in the Nashville area. Our home waters are Cumberland and Caney Fork River and our specialty is fly fishing for Trout and Stripers.

~Our tradition is that of the first man who sneaked away to the creek when the tribe did not really need fish~

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Off Topic / Re: Copperhead Road.
« Last post by TFTN Admin on Today at 05:59:04 PM »
The benadryl should work for copperhead bites. Timber bites,, I guess you can pray.
Off Topic / Re: Copperhead Road.
« Last post by jladdsmith on Today at 03:17:09 PM »
I don't have a problem killing snakes, it's my Jack Russell that does.  She doesn't learn.  The first time, we couldn't find a vet with the anti-venin and our local vet said to feed her a pound of bacon, some benadryl and rub alum powder on the bite (spice section in the grocery store).  Her head was swollen up about 3x normal.  She came through. 

The next time, I did the same thing, but she didn't swell up nearly as bad- just her eyes were swollen shut.  She came through. 

A hoe took care of the last one and a boot heel took care of several baby ones.  She's super laid back for a JRT but lives up to the breed's reputation for tenacity when it comes to something that needs to get got. 

Note:  I was trying to be helpful in the case that one of your dogs gets bit, but out of curiosity called the new young vet that bought the clinic from the older doc and he said,  Don't do that, that it could cause pancreatitis.  So take all this with a grain of salt, some benadryl, a pound of bacon, and some alum powder. 

Off Topic / Re: Copperhead Road.
« Last post by Steve Howard on Today at 11:57:45 AM »
And I thought this was going to be a thread about Steve Earl.

Man Mike that is nuts. I am sure they are preparing for the impending cold.
Off Topic / Re: Copperhead Road.
« Last post by bee on Today at 06:31:49 AM »
they love that sun warmed asphalt in the evenings and just after dark, and they pay for the pleasure so to speak....
Off Topic / Copperhead Road.
« Last post by TFTN Admin on Yesterday at 01:20:23 PM »
So since moving to Smithville Iíve noticed something. There are snakes everywhere up here and Iíve seen 10 venomous snakes to 1 non venomous!  The road and connecting roads I live on are just crawling with them. Iíve had three Timber Rattlesnake encounters. One was a very healthy Timber and countless Copperheads. If there was a market for copperheads,,, I could make a fortune. All you have to do is cruise the roads at night and you fill find one, or several. I see a new dead one almost every day on my commute out to the main rd.  They just love the roads at night. Never one to try to kill a snake, the sheer volume of copperheads up here has me wondering if maybe smashing a few with my tires isnít such a bad idea..
Buy Sell or Trade / Re: Towee Calusa For Sale
« Last post by Browning on Yesterday at 01:17:44 PM »
Bump with a price drop.   $10,500.   
Off Topic / Re: CalfKiller Beer
« Last post by TFTN Admin on Yesterday at 12:54:59 PM »
I am going to head to Sparta and do the tour next rainy cold sat that we have.  I was up there last Sunday scouting some new water....
Off Topic / Re: CalfKiller Beer
« Last post by DSchlact on Yesterday at 09:56:55 AM »
It is definitely on my "go to" list when I see their beers on tap...I have heard that their brewery tours are a great experience too!
Photography / Re: Sorry I've been so idle...
« Last post by bee on September 20, 2017, 08:45:11 PM »
unreal osprey shot
Off Topic / Re: CalfKiller Beer
« Last post by Bfish on September 20, 2017, 05:24:20 PM »
Wish they had a desire to expand, so that my area would get distribution.  :D  Very good stuff indeed.  They use a unique yeast and/or mash bill to create subtle but yummy differences than the mass produced brands.   Of course I've had some of their bad stuff way way back when Sergio and I were in college.
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