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Author Topic: gear braided line review- Seaguar Whoopass!  (Read 3104 times)

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gear braided line review- Seaguar Whoopass!
« on: June 29, 2014, 08:33:51 PM »
Actually it's called "Smackdown Tournament Braid" which is nearly as ridiculous, especially coming from a Japanese company like Seaguar. 


My goal was to have a floating superline with near zero stretch ahead of a sinking fluoro leader with finesse plastics at the end.  I wanted to match the profile of my main line and leader and this in 30lb at .009" paired with the Invizx fluoro let me step up from 6lb mono to 8lb fluoro with the same diameter along with the benefits of braid/fluoro.  This combo is the best I could find.


I have been looking to eliminate the idiot factor in my stream smallie game so decided to switch from mono to a good braid and fluoro leader combo for my light action stream gear.  It's been probably 10 years since I've loved on braid and everything I've tried since the real deal Spectra flat braid by Spiderwire has just sucked.  Not just falling short in one way or another, just flat out blew so much that they should be ashamed to put it on the shelf. 

So after several years' break on any braid and moving to P-line, I figured the crap would have fallen out of the market and there would have been some innovation in braid.  I'd read reviews out the wazoo and decided on Sufix 832 "Advanced Superline with Gore fibers" or maybe Berkley's Nanofil unafilament if it felt right.

All excited that new technology might help me be a better fisherman, I ogled the wall o' line at BPS and with high expectations fondled what I came for.  Crestfallen very disappointed to find that pretty much everything on that big wall still sucks.  Too stiff, too thick, too rumpledy, too kinky and just overall shitty made me think the reviewers are either paid, just idiots or both.

Then I spied the Seaguar Whoopass and friends, this is a whole 'nother league of braid!  It's just enough out of round that it won't dig into itself, super limp, super thin and very slick.  It's what Spectra Spiderwire should be by now.  Seaguar doesn't state on their website what this is made out of but I'm speculating that this IS an evolution of Spectra fibers in a newer weave.  It is initially expensive, but if you use backing and leaders, this is absolutely a value. 

On knots, my favorite Uni to Uni doesn't work as the fluoro bites in on itself somewhere resulting in failure at the main line/leader connection.  I've switched to the Modified Albright, though it looked like a mess to me until using SMACKDOWN!

Let's hope they don't put it in a can.