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Title: Hurricane D
Post by: icthus on September 03, 2019, 05:15:05 PM
We survived/thrived, good friends down in the islands not so much.  We have friends that live in Abaco and they said there is not one building that is habitable.  We are going to go down in a couple weeks to help them rebuild.  We are also raising some funds to buy the goods.  Cement, block, wire etc.... as well as food.   

I will put it out there once we have a page if you all can help. 
Stay salty boys,

Title: Re: Hurricane D
Post by: bee on September 04, 2019, 05:03:05 PM
Bone Fished in Bahamas for four decades.  Some dear friends on east end of Grand Bahama island have lost everything they have.  They have no ability to rebuild, and the Bahama's government has no ability to fund or oversee rebuilding the islands where all housing, electricity, water systems have been destroyed.  For the natives there, with no place to go, this is an epic no win.   Having helped build churches and housing in some of the remote areas there I know it will take more than money to make the place even habitable.  It will take outside materials, carpenters, utility workers and a lot of time .  It is a daunting task.

 With so many questionable "charities" out there claiming to be doing good, it is really important to pick the right recipient for cash rebuilding gifts.  If I find one I am comfortable with I will pass it on.  I plan to send immediate donations to a native guide and community leader I know who I trust todo the right thing fr his community .  First I have to find out he is alive.  So far no one in the US , to my knowledge, has been able to reach the people in the east end of Grand Bahama. 
Title: Re: Hurricane D
Post by: Steve Howard on September 06, 2019, 03:32:46 PM
Let me know how I can help Pal!