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Striper, Trout, Smallmouth, and Musky, guide trips in the Nashville area. Our home waters are Cumberland and Caney Fork River and our specialty is fly fishing for Trout and Stripers.

~Our tradition is that of the first man who sneaked away to the creek when the tribe did not really need fish~

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Well said Mike and I couldn't agree more.
I agree :D
I could not agree more with your frustration.It is a sad state of affairs today in the "look at me" world we see daily in regards to fly fishing for stripers,  trout, musky , smallmouth or other  prime gamefish.

There seems to be very little  appreciation or recognition for how fragile our waters are.
And we're about to lose another one. Many of you know what I'm talking about. To all the people out there trying to make yourself famous instagram heroes, selling fishing tackle, selling guide trips, etc. Here's a little something to consider. I've been around these forums and social media every since they were invented. I've seen over and over again what happens. I can promise you that the way things are going it's only 4 or 5 years at best, before another amazing fishery is completely ruined. How many of you enjoy fishing combat style? Floating in a conga line of people all doing the exact same thing? Get used to it because it's inevitable the way people are exploiting everything lately. I've all but let this site die to protect it as best I know how.
Over the last 12 or so years I've acquired enough images that I could have easily used to promote guided trips all over social media that would have paid for my retirement. Instead I've keep it hush and only taken a handful of people who I knew weren't a threat. At some point, if it keeps up, I"m going to put on one of most bad ass slideshows you've ever seen of this special place from the last decade. Hell, I might even write a paperback how to book. So do us all a favor and just STFU and enjoy it for yourself! Catching fish isn't hipster. Catching big fish on a fly isn't a superpower, it's actually very very easy. Enjoying a peaceful, solitary, day on the water is the best medicine ever invented. So please,, don't f it up for everyone.

Centerhill Lake / Re: Been killing it on the Center Hill the last few weeks.
« Last post by TWiles on May 21, 2019, 08:19:26 AM »
Nice bass Mike.  Now donít you go and start wearing a NASCAR-like Jersey with all your sponsors like the rest of the glitter boat brigade!
Just kidding,
Iím glad the mysteries of the lake are lifting.
Centerhill Lake / Re: Been killing it on the Center Hill the last few weeks.
« Last post by grumpy on May 21, 2019, 05:24:06 AM »
I'm taking this off the boat and replacing it with a riptide 24 volt powerdrive. This motor is in very good condition and comes with a quick disconnect mount for fast removal. This isn't the motor but it looks just like it. 12 volt 40 pound thrust. Starting off price $300 obo.

Centerhill Lake / Re: Been killing it on the Center Hill the last few weeks.
« Last post by icthus on May 13, 2019, 04:28:05 PM »
Good looking Smallies.  Nice Sled as well.

Skeeter SL190. Had it on the lake last week and got it up to 60. It's a smooth riding boat that handles wake and hard turns well. Should be good for the wake boat waves that plague the lake.
Centerhill Lake / Re: Been killing it on the Center Hill the last few weeks.
« Last post by Bfish on May 11, 2019, 05:54:52 PM »
WX1850?  Looks like a nice multiple use lake boat.

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