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Author Topic: Rest of the Vacation  (Read 513 times)

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Rest of the Vacation
« on: June 17, 2008, 04:32:57 PM »
I have been back for a week and am missing the salt already.  Went out Sunday, and finaly figured out the snook.  Broke four off and had countless follows.  There were a plethora of people swimming and I know its bad to line a fish, but to line a tourist and possible lawyer I decided to fish without a shock tippet.  Went out again that night with my Pops and caught some trout, no snook, and pissed off some rich joker because I hooked his dock.  I started having thoughts of Mikea's trip and moved on to another cove.  Got the screamers and had to call it a night around twelve.  Woke up the next morning drove down the street to the beach and to my suprise there was no one in the water.  Pull my line out and start looking in the water.  A school of snook start swimming toward me.  Make a good cast and had a follow.  The fish quickly got back in with the school and I started running down the beach to get infront of them again.  The next cast proved to be more successful and I landed about a ten pound snook.  Called my folks and told them that the fish were around and to come out.  My grandfather came down with Penomia and my mom said she needed to take my Grandmother back home.  I told her I wanted to see Gramps so hang on I'll come with you.  Went back to the water to cast my line out and clean the sand off and another school comes swimming through.  First cast nail another snook braught him in, took some pics, and went and saw my Gramps.  Great day, great weekend. 


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ps---gramps is better
"You see the fish, make the cast. Tic, tic, hit him, no not a trout set!!!!!! What are you doing?"