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Author Topic: Missouri River, Montana.  (Read 706 times)

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Missouri River, Montana.
« on: July 09, 2007, 11:34:50 PM »
No pics. Only three fish to take pics of but they weren't worthy.

Today I floated a section of the Missouri with my boss and another guide from another shop. We have a two or three day trip booked there so this was a scouting trip.

It was tough. First of all, the river is full of, what looks to me to be, milfoil, and a huge algae bloom.  Add on top of that a cold front that dropped the temperature down to 64, and on top of that the friggen wind nearly died down to 30MPH.

The guide from the other shop, Damon, was our expert on the Missouri today. He fishes it quite a bit. He said it's often breezy but today was extra breezy. Hell, that wasn't breezy, I've been in smaller winds in West Texas.

The plan was two would fish, one row the drift boat and we'd take turns on rowing duty. They were going to let me row some and give me some pointers.  The deal was the first one to catch a fish had to switch places with the oarsman. If a fisherman got three strikes but no fish, he was out. Meaning he had to row.

Ten minutes after we shoved off this wind front came howling down the river and the only places you could cast were on the leeward side of points or rock faces. I have some pictures of the river I'll get up in a day or two.

The algae/milfoil/moss made nymphig impossible. I started out with a hopper and midge dropper, but nada. Some little caddis were coming off in and out during the day, and where the wind wasn't blowing them away, the trout were sipping them. All of our fish raised and/or caught were on EHC. 

Damon caught those. My boss and I had a half dozen LDR's each, but none in hand. It was quite frustrating. 

You can tell Damon has fished against the wind a bunch. I gotta take a lesson from him. Though his distance shortened, he was on target and it was pretty.

He's 38 years old and a native and a lifelong fly fisher.

Though I got no fish to hand, and had to untangle and retie a dozen times, it was a helluva good day. About a two hour drive from my house.
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