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Author Topic: Squirmy Wormies and mop flies  (Read 1388 times)

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Squirmy Wormies and mop flies
« on: October 18, 2019, 04:47:11 PM »
I'm almost embarrassed to mention this but I've bought some squirmy wormies to tie up for my Dad to use in his pond for bluegill.  Just got them in today.  Pretty neat material- soft silicone (ish) in feel but super stretchy.  Got all colors including the glow in the dark that actually works and stays charged for about two minutes when hit with a flashlight.  I would imagine you could even add these to some kind of larger streamer pattern for muskie.  I don't do the muskie thing so wouldn't really know, but could see the glow in the dark possibly being helpful in deeper water?  It's not purist, but neither is half of the stuff hanging off of these "wet cats" as y'all call them. 

Also have been seeing a lot on mop flies lately.   Both of these are somewhat controversial, but hey whatever works I guess.  I saw a post on reddit where some guy was staying in an AirBnB and ganked some mop fly material out of the bath mat.  Didn't think much about it until a couple of days later and I'm sitting on the can in my own house and noticed that I have the same mat!  Like 5,000 mop flies in this thing.  Mohawk brand from Target I think. 

Just putting this out there as I love "found materials".  Also just got some kind of feather bouquet from Michael's that has probably 60-70 bucks worth of decent material in it for 10 bucks.  Four big pheasant tails, about 10 nice black/blue rooster tail feathers and some awesome hackle looking stuff, don't know what you'd call that but it's silky and thin about the right width like you'd use for a griffith's gnat or something, super flowy like it would pulse really well on a big streamer just used straight.  That place is chock full of stuff to tie with. 


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Re: Squirmy Wormies and mop flies
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2019, 05:56:47 PM »
Pal- love the passion.  I used to take my goldens hair and make elk hair cadis flies with them.  It was really interesting when I had a few.  Next day Troutt looked as if he was apart of some
Kind of ferternity hazing.  I kid I kid

Yes, Michealís has some great stuff. I buy a lot of glue from there because of tying closures and half and halves all the time and the first thing to go is the wrapped eye. 

Happy Friday boys


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Re: Squirmy Wormies and mop flies
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2019, 12:47:10 AM »
I understand.