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Author Topic: Very inexpensive EP fiber substitute  (Read 3053 times)

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Very inexpensive EP fiber substitute
« on: January 21, 2020, 11:06:40 PM »
I came across this guy on reddit who ties a lot of big stuff with EP fibers and has found what seems to be a great substitute for what he estimates as 2% of the cost of EP.  You basically just unravel this cord and brush it out with a wire dog hair brush.  The cord is called Bonnie Craft cord (comes in tons of colors including neons and I believe iridescents).  He just put up a super basic video of him brushing it out so you can get an idea of the process.

This may be old news but I'd never seen it before and thought it might be helpful for some on here.  I just found out the generic term is Macrame cord if you're looking for a color that Bonnie Craft doesn't sell.  I can't really find that many examples of the technique by googling but the guy's reddit username is u/ofishaltackle.

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Re: Very inexpensive EP fiber substitute
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2020, 03:48:34 PM »
Cool find. I'm not a fan of EP but I'm sure some folks are.
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