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With Over 25 years of fishing Tennessee's streams, rivers, and lakes year round I've learned to consistently catch most of the species of Game Fish that we are so blessed with here in the great state of Tennessee. Many of the species I target are easier to catch at certain times of the year due to weather, water levels, fish and bait migration patterns, and boat traffic. I'll always give an honest opinion of the recent conditions good or bad. The goal of TrophyFishingTN is to provide you with a quality fishing and learning experience on the water and hopefully catch that Trophy of a lifetime.  All of the variables that affect the fishing and the overall experience will be discussed at the time of booking. Pleasae be sure to discuss exactly what you are looking for on this trip. Things work alot better when the guide and clients are on the same page.

What to Bring: Rain Gear, Food you plan to have for lunch, a valid Tennessee License and Trout Stamp, if required, and most important of all, a good attitude! ;) We also can provide the finest quality Fly Fishing equipment equipment if needed.

Here's one of my favorite clients showing us how to work a big Brown over with an Xi2.


In this shriveling economy and soaring gas prices we are trying hard to keep our rates fair and competitive. In order to keep our prices low our trips are all about fishing and not riverside dining. We will have drinks and snacks but we DO NOT provide a meal with our trips for the prices listed on the rates sheet. For a fee of $20 we can arrange a meal to suit your needs. We will need to know in advance that you want a meal included and what you would like to eat.

TN Striper Fly Fishing


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Striper $400 Full Day Drinks and Snacks Provided
Trout $400 Full Day  Drinks and Snacks Provided
River Smallmouth $350 Full day Drinks and Snacks Provided
Carp (Summer only) $350 Full day  Drinks and Snacks Provided
Musky $400 Full Day Drinks and Snacks Provided
Photography Wildlife Float (When Available) $300



Please visit TWRA online to purchase a Tennessee License and Trout Stamp.

Email: mike@trophyfishingtn.com

Phone: 615 617-9032


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